I’m Dung Ho, an industrial product designer based in California.

Growing up in Vietnam, my father taught me the magic of breathing new life into old objects, sparking my curiosity about how things were made.

Curiosity is what drives my work as a Product Designer. Understanding how things work and who they are made for, allows me to reimagine and reinvent.

From innovation to quick solutions, I immerse myself in the cycle of research, ideation, prototyping, testing and making, creating products that are straightforward, beautiful and functional. At the heart of design lives my desire to find the magic, creating products and experiences that are accessible and kind to the world we live in.


A fan — for city dwellers.


14 weeks.

Why Cities?

City centers often feel far warmer in certain areas, due to factors including paved surfaces absorbing sunshine, buildings blocking airflow, and fewer trees.

— geotab.com | Heat in the city

The form has to be integrated or compact enough to fit into the modest sq.ft of urban homes.

Research Finding

3 different directions were proposed.

Form Exploration

A. Ceiling-mounted

B. Window-integrated

The last option was favored for its mobility & simplicity.

Form Optimization

C. Standalone tower

Proof of concept.

Form Validation
Why POC?

An early-stage proof-of-concept helps me:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of the concept
  • Validate manufacturing assumptions
  • Set the foundation for future prototypes

I went through a number of iterations — before zeroing in on a form that maximizes output while minimizes footprint.

Design Process

Product renderings.

Form Refinement

A quick look inside.

Components View

The internal components of Zephyr is designed based on the Coandă effect and the Bernoulli’s principle; it allows air to follow the curvature of the internal surface and exit the fan with high velocity.

Intake. Purify.


Using High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filter that made of random layers of fibers, Zephyr keeps your indoor air clean and purified.

Output. Refreshing.


Thanks to the Coandă effect, constant flows of clean and refreshing air can be distributed all around without exposing any moving parts.

Monitor & control your air.

User Interface

Quickly view air quality and Zephyr’s activity right on your phone. Control Zephyr via the app or on the beautifully-designed touchpad.

El Carbon

A food experience — quintessentially LA.


14 weeks.

Why LA?

The city has always held a special place in my heart — and my stomach, from late nights waiting in line for tacos, to slurping hot tofu from sizzling clay pots.

The city has an identity, marinated through-and-through, with every generation that came — some never left.

Research Finding

El Carbon's form factor was inspired by the Lowrider culture which started in the heart of LA during the 40s & 50s.

Form Inspiration

Thank you Mom
— for igniting the love of food in me.


Servicable cordless vacuum.


14 weeks.

On Sustainability

My goal for this project is to design a product that will use less material, and allow the user to easily replace the internal parts by themselves.

I began by reverse-engineering an existing product:
the Eufy handheld vacuum.

Research Finding

A. Dissect

B. Evaluate

In order to service any internal parts,
you have to cut open the central housing,
making reassembling impossible.

Teardown Finding

C. Improve

More and more products are being sealed shut from the customer, reducing their role to only that of a consumer.

Research Conclusion

Serviceability is accessiblity.

Design Ethos

The working parts can be accessed, replaced, and put back together without breaking the device.

Design Goal

Growing up in Vietnam, my father taught me the magic of breathing new life into old objects, sparking my curiosity about how things were made.